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September 17, 2012 at 10:13pm

Fake Doctors Note - Making your Doctor’s Note Look Real!

These days fake doctor notes have become quite popular and thousands of people are using them daily to get out of office, schools, etc. With stricter rules at job and increasing health care costs, now more and more people who have started using them. Although there is some amount of risk in using a fake doctors note, but still many people find it much better option as it is not only hassle free as you can download them from the Internet as many websites sell them, but can also save good money in the process.

However, if you feel that these doctor’s notes are best for you, then it is necessary that you ensure that they look real. Therefore, we are discussing few things that you must keep in mind to make your fake doctor note looks real and work perfectly for you.

Check four important elements

As fake doctor’s notes are legal documents, so there will be four main elements that should be there in these notes.

* Contact details

You must ensure that doctor note has complete contact details of doctor. This would include their name, address, the phone number using which doctor can be easily reached anytime.

* Date and time

The date and time at which you saw your doctor should be there on the doctor note. You must double check that it includes the date for days you excused from work as well. This is an important element of the excuse notes that should be there on them.

* Limitations

You must include all limitations that you may have in coming few days on the doctor notes. For instance, if you have to wear certain kind of shoes, or you cannot lift a lot, be sure to mention this in the note.

* Name of person seen

You fake doctors note should look real, and for this you must add your name. You just need to add name and there is no need to provide details about medical condition.

* Limitations that you can add to the notes

If you are thinking of limitations that you can add to fake doctors notes without making them look fake, then you should not worry as there are many that can make your case look “real”.

You can add limitations of working only at a desk, limited walking or standing, wearing supportive or comfortable shoes. You must include only those limitations that sound legitimate.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to use fake doctor notes, you can get them from websites that sell them at nominal cost and you can use them for making excuses for day off from work or from school without spending too much on actual visit to doctor.

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